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The iPad is the ultimate way to read email. Wake it up, tap the mail app icon and you are in!

It has standard setups for a variety of mail servers, iCloud (apple), Microsoft Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Hot Mail, Other mail servers. With iOS7 Apple changed the Microsoft Exchange support, they changed from the number of emails, to the number of days to go back in the last releases of iOS6, and in iOS7 they added the ability for your iPad to keep track of which emails have been read.

The setup of the mail account, is under iPad Settings. Some mail servers store contacts and calendars that will also sync, such as iCloud and Microsoft Exchange. Even Gmail contacts and calendars can be synced with your iPad.

When you open the mail app you will see a list of all of your email accounts and how many unread emails you have in each. Tap the right arrow next to the account to display the inbox, and then tap the title of the email to view.


iOS7 Compose Email Tap the compose icon to create a new email to someone.
iOS7 Delete Email Tap the delete icon to delete the current email.
iOS7 Reply Email Tap the reply or forward icon and then select whether to forward this email to someone else, or reply to the sender.
iOS7 Folder Email Tap the folder icon to move this email to an email folder.
iOS7 Flag Email The flag icon, marks the email as important, and it will be displayed with a flag next to it in the inbox.
iOS7NavEmail There are also at the left navigation buttons to go back to the inbox and move to the next or previous email message.

Tip: If you have an attachment on an email if you touch and hold your finger on it, will allow you to save a picture or attachment.

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2 Responses to iPad Email

  1. j an says:

    How can I delete a lot of mags at one time?

    How do I keep screen from floating? this is a big problem for me

    • admin says:

      I am not sure what you mean by mags, if you mean messages it depends on the program, sometimes you can just check multiple messages and then use a group operation to delete them all. If the app uses multi-touich, then you place your finger on the first message to delete and then drag the other messages with another finger to the first message, and then drag the group of messages to the trash.

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