iPad Gestures

Gestures are ways to touch the iPad to get it to do something, like using a mouse on a PC. The following gestures are available for all iPads and the iPad Mini.


Tap: place your finger on a picture called an icon, or in a web browser on a link and then remove your finger. This action will start the app, click the link (open what the link points to), push the button, or tap where you want to enter some text.

Tap Twice: Tap a link or menu item twice to get a different behavior than tapping just once.

Tap and hold: Place your finger on a link on a web page and hold it on the link until a menu pops up. This is also used for cutting and pasting.

Drag: like tap and hold but you place your finger on a button that looks like a slider, or icon and you then move your finger while holding it on the screen. This will slide the unlock release for instance to the right to let you into the iPad, or allow you to move icons around on the desktop.

Swipe: place your finger on the iPad screen then move it from right to left, left to right, top to bottom, or bottom to top and then remove your finger; this turns pages, or scrolls the screen up and down. Sometimes you can also use swipe to select a section of text or a group of icons.

Two Finger Swipe: This is used if you want to scroll a section of the screen and not the entire application screen. Something like a web page that has a section on it where there is a message in a box you can scroll the text in the box to read all of it. To do this, touch the message box on the screen with two fingers and then swipe up or down to scroll that area of the screen instead of the entire web page.

Pinch: place the thumb and index finger apart on the screen then move them together to zoom out on a picture or web page. Or you can place your thumb and index finger together on the screen and move them apart to zoom in.

Twist: place your thumb and index finger on a picture and then rotate your fingers this will rotate image if the app you are using supports it.


Some newer apps that have been release when the iPad2 was released can also to multi-touch gestures. These are gestures where you can use more than 1 finger to do a task.

For instance in Apple’s Pages word processor app you can touch and hold a thumbnail page with one finger and then tap other pages to create a group of pages, then you can move that group of pages up and down and drop them.

iPad Keyboard

The iPad keyboard is presented on the screen whenever you touch a place to enter something, for instance a web address, or email address. However, many people do not know that the iPad keyboard has dual purpose keys which are activated by touching a key and holding your finger on the key until a box appears with other options. These can be symbols, foreign language characters with accents, or other special characters.

On the “abc” keyboard, the following keys have alternates: A, E, I, O, U, Y, S, L, Z, C, N, !. The letter O allows input of a degrees symbol, and the ! has an apostrophe ‘ as the alternate.

On the first symbol keyboard, 0 becomes a degree symbol, – becomes short hyphen, long hyphen, and a bullet symbol. The $ becomes Won, Pound, Euro, or Yen symbol. The & becomes a special symbol. The period becomes 3 periods. The ? and ! become upside down ? and ! for Spanish. The apostrophe becomes curved opening and closing apostrophies. The quotation marks become different kinds of quotation marks and a double right arrow >>.

On the alternate symbol keyboard, the % becomes another type of % symbol.

On your internet keyboard where you have the .com key, it gives you the options of .org, .us, .net, .edu when you touch and hold.

The iPad3 has voice recognition when the user touches the microphone key, English, French, German, and Japanese languages are supported.

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