Note Taking Apps

Many people purchase an iPad to take notes, but what about the old method of writing notes. Typing even with a keyboard is slower than writing by hand and you cannot do diagrams or other pictures without stopping. And in this new paperless age, what if you have a PDF form or notes page to fill out?

The good news is there are note taking apps that record while you take notes, and many allow you to write your notes or type them.

I have been looking for something other than a crayon to write with on an iPad and recently I found what I was looking for the iPad pen stylus from Adonit. Therefore, I have created this page with note taking apps that will work with the Adonit pen stylus, so you can take your business, school, and personal notes just like you would with paper.

I hope my below information about several popular apps will help you find the app you need. What I have found once again is no one of these apps is ideal for everyone, each is looking for users who want to take notes in a certain way.

Noteshelf $5.99
Would you like to have a iPad app that works just like paper notebooks? Do you want the ability to use all kinds of pens of different widths and shapes. Would you like to have unlimited different colored pencils and highlighters? Would you like to have nice appealing covers for your notebooks and keep them on a book shelf like iBooks? Then you may want Noteshelf.

Noteshelf gives you wrist protection so you can disable part of the screen so you can place your hand on the screen while writing. You can group notebooks, password protect notebooks, and even rearrange the pages in a notebook. You can add tag phrases to pages which you can search them quickly. However, it does have two features that some users are complaining about, first it does not import PDF files, you can only export a notebook or pages to PDF, and you cannot share the native files, you can only share the PDF or image files you export with others. Pictures may be imported into notebooks resized and annotated. And the program allows editing of zoomed in areas.

Pages can be customized the program comes with 20 templates ranging from simple ruled/checked notebooks to a day planner, task manager, personal journal, music notes and shopping lists, but you can get free or buy others for as little as 99 cents. This program is about allowing you to express yourself and you can be as plain or stylish as you like.

A video about Note Shelf can be found here.

Write Pad $9.99
Write Pad is for those who want to write their notes and save them as text. It includes the ability to replace the keyboard with text recognition.