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This site’s mission is to get new iPad users up and running as fast as possible. The iPad is an intuitive device which means you should be able to just look at it and know how to use it. However, the reality is, that how to use it is not obvious to everyone. Even worse how do you search for something that you don’t know what it is called, or even that it exists?

This problem is so bad that in May of 2011, Business Insider published the article “People Have No Clue How To Use iPad Apps“. This article talks about a study where users were given iPads for 2 months and were still not able to accomplish basic tasks with various apps.

When I began searching for information on how to use the iPad, what I found was a lot of disconnected pieces of information. What I have tried to do with the Getting Started pages is create pages with the key information every new user of the iPad needs to know. I believe this foundation will empower you to get the most out of your iPad.

If there are topics you feel should be added to this site, or questions you have that I have not answered please read our site policy and go to the contact us page and let me know.

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