iPad Web Browsing

The Apple browser that comes with the iPad is Safari. There are a host of other web browsers for the iPad, the two most known are Google’s Chrome and Opera.

iOS7 Safari Screen

iOS7 Safari Address Bar To search the web for something, tap the address bar and enter what you are looking for, if you enter a web site then you will go to that web site; otherwise, you will get a search results page.
iOS7 Safari Bookmarks Tap the book icon to see pages you have previously bookmarked.
iOS7 Safari Navigation Arrows The navigation arrows when tapped move you to the previous web page you were looking at, or forward to the web page you just moved back from.
iOS7 OpenIn Button The Open In icon allows you bookmark the page you are on, to open the page being displayed in another app, or copy it to another app. You can also email, facebook, twitter, iOS messenger, and print the web page.
iOS7 Add Button Tap the plus icon to open another browser tab in Safari.
iOS7 Close Tab Tapping the X on a tab will close it, if you close all tabs you will end up with a blank Safari screen.

Tip: You can watch YouTube videos in Safari, but you can also zoom them to full screen by using the zoom in pinch, and switch from from full screen back to watching the video in a window by doing a zoom out pinch on the video. This is the same as with iTune videos.

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